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Please welcome the Judges for the 2017
Canadian German Shepherd Championships and Sieger Show

(A) Tracking Judge: Andrea Duggan-Jantzen (GSSCC / UScA)

I have been involved in the sport of Schutzhund since 1988 and have been a member of UScA for 15 years. I received my UScA probationary judges license in November 2010 and my full license in April 2013.I also received my GSSCC licence in May 2013.Since then I have judged several Regional Championships as well as the tracking judge for the 2014 GSSCC National IPO Championships and 2015 UScA Working Dog Championships as well as 2016 UScA National Championships. I am currently the GSSCC Head Judge


I have raised, trained and handled 3 GSD’s to SchH3 (HOT) and 2 dogs from a SchH/IPO1 thru 3. I have also attained FH titles with two of these. I have competed with these dogs in many regional and national events in both working and conformation in both USA and Canada. My last female made #6 on the top 10 - IPO 3 dogs in Canada. Two of the others attained High Scoring SchH3 protection at P.N.W. Regional Championships. One of these also took High SchH 1 protection (club trial) and High scoring SchH2 at Western Regional Championships.


I am a member of Lower Mainland German Shepherd Dog Club in B.C. Canada  where I currently reside. (Since 1988)


I breed 1 litter a year under the kennel name ”vom Kleetal” and I’m actively training a young female that I bred.


I’m married with 1 son and 3 grandchildren.


(B) Obedience Judge: Doug Deacon (GSSCC / SV)

SV/CAN Judge Doug Deacon was a founding member of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada, which was formed in 1979. He received his SV judge’s license in 1983 and since then he has developed a reputation throughout Canada and the United States for maintaining high standards for working dogs. He has judged the Canadian National Schutzhund Championships on several occasions, the USA Nationals protection phase and the North American Championship twice. He has also judged many Regional Championships and numerous local trials in Canada, United States and the South America Championship. Doug was the tracking judge for the 1998 WUSV Championship held in Boston, MA., USA. He also judged the obedience portion of the WUSV Championship in Italy in 2003 and again in 2006 in Denmark.  Doug did judge at the WUSV Championship in Kiev, Ukraine in 2011.


As a dog trainer and handler, Doug won the 1980 USA Sch H - 3 National Championship in Denver, CO; the 1981 North American Championship and the 1982 FH Championship. He served on the Canadian team to the WUSV World Championship in 1985 and 1990 and then captain of Team Canada in 2004 and 2009.  In 2004 Doug and his dog Artos von Farbridge obtained the highest Sch H - 3 score in Canada with a 290 and had the highest average score of 286. He has participated in numerous Championships as a tracklayer and/or helper. Doug trains with the Delta Schutzhund Club in Delta, British Columbia. He has served as Vice President and as a director of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada and was the National Training Director.


Doug was a police K-9 officer who developed the Minimal Force Canine program for six Police Departments in his area. This Police Dog Training Program used Schutzhund as its foundation. The success of this Police Training Program has put a demand on his time. He has conducted seminars for several different Police Services including Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Washington State K-9 Association, Minnesota K-9 and many more.


September 2006 Doug retired from policing.  He spent 8 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and 23 years with the New Westminster Police Service.



(C) Protection Judge: Dieter Schmale (SV)

Dieter Schmale became an SV (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde) Judge in 1988, and has officiated at numerous German Regional Championships, FCI Qualification Trials, as well as serving as tracking judge at the 2004 Bundessiegerprüfung (German National Championships). He also served as judge at Regional events and the WDA Nationals in the United States.


As a competitor, Dieter had the most success with his female Cora vom Märchenwald, becoming four-time Regional Champion, three-time FCI Regional Champion, and placing 2nd in German FCI Qualification Trials in Gotha, 8th place in Borken, and 11th place in Warstein. Dieter and Cora also competed and placed 7th at the 2001 Bundessiegerprüfung in Göttingen.


An accomplished trainer, he has helped numerous dogs successfully compete at German National Service Dog, Schutzhund, and World Championships. He was a Teaching Helper for 10 years in the region of Westfalen, and served as trial decoy in many major events, including the SV Sieger Show and the 1988 World Championship in Münster.


Dieter resides in Nordhorn, Germany and has been a member of the SV since 1974.



Show Judge: Wilhelm Nordsieck (SV)

1973:  against the will of my parents I bought myself a shepherd puppy for the first time (Gany vom Fiemereck)

1983: admission to the SV

1989: First litter under own kennel name: vom Externstein

1990: V 22 GHKl   males  ‚Siegerschau’ in Frankfurt:   Boss vom Externstein

2000 (October): appointment to be a judge of the SV

very good acceptance with lots of shows in Germany (also Landesgruppen - Zuchtschauen)

of the judges in Germany one with the most appointments every year.

2003 (July): Norwegian  Siegerschau  VA1 Sharan vom Externstein (Hoss v. Lärchenhain Cuna v. Externstein)

2005 (July): Dutch  Siegerschau  Junghundsiegerin

Callas vom Externstein (Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park Gabi von Schloß Weitmar)

2010 (Sept): German Siegerschau V17 Veron vom Externstein (Negus vom Holtkämper See - Anabella von Lancelot)

2013 (Sept): German Siegerschau V23 Ghana vom Externstein (Vegas vom Externstein – Nina vom Holtkämper Tor)

2015 (Sept): German Siegerschau V 19 Ghana vom Externstein,

SG 2 JKL Females Prada von Externstein ( Risco vom Süntelstein –  Ghana vom Externstein )

2003 (Oct): 1. commitment as judge in foreign countries (Belgium), after that other appointments:

Taiwan Siegerschau 2005, Mexiko, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Philippine, Hongkong, Ecuador, Indonesia, St. Petersburg (Russia),  15 x USA, Chile Siegerschau, Minsk (Belarus), Romania, Spain, China, Peru, South Korea, Bulgaria Siegerschau, GB British Siegerschau, Slowakia Siegerschau, Litauen Siegerschau, Danmark, Netherland Siegerschau, Ireland, Poland Siegerschau, India Siegerschau, Estonia Siegerschau 2015, Russian Siegerschau Moscow 2014,  Belgium Siegerschau 2015, Portugal, Canada Siegerschau 2013, USA Siegerschau 2014, Siegerschau Germany 2015, Brasil. Finnland etc.


• In the meantime, more than ninety litters bred • “Körmeister” since September 2006

• Landesgruppenzuchtwart LG 07







Long Down Judge:
Dorwin Anderson (GSSCC)







Acting Head Judge:
Jim Chrisp (GSSCC)

Jim Chrisp


I have been in the dog sport since 1991. I started with a 3-year-old Doberman named Ares, but soon after achieving a Schutzhund 1, bought a German Shepherd puppy, and I was hooked! Since then I've trained 4 dogs to IPO 3, and others to BH, FH, and AD titles along the way. I’ve been a competitor at Club, Regional, and National levels, and have also competed at the WUSV.  I have also served as Team Canada Captain, co-Captain, and will again be Captain for the WUSV 2017. From the start of my days in this sport, I have been a member of the Winnipeg Working Dog CIub, serving in all positions on the executive. I began the Canadian Judge's program in 2006, and since then have judged in Canada, United States, and at the inaugural IPO trial in Barbados. For the past 2 years I have been the National Helper Director, and now am a member of the Judge’s Committee.


I wish all of the competitors good luck, and thank the organizing committee for all of their hard work.

Dorwin Anderson


My love of training dogs started as an 11 year old boy with a Doberman named Grunt and we were welcomed by the members of Richmond Schutzhund Club. I currently train at Lower Mainland German Shepherd Dog Club in Langley, BC with my German Shepherd, Nash vom Wolfsdreieck.


I started helper work when I was old enough. I have been able to work dogs at club, regional and national competitions. Doing helper work is still a passion and love of mine. I am currently the National Helper Coordinator for the GSSCC. One of my goals was to breed and handle a dog to the WUSV. I was able to do this with Alvis vom Albi (aka Spike). My breedings have produced four dogs that have competed at the WUSV. As a handler, I have competed multiple times at club, regional, national and world competitions.


Looking forward to the future as a trainer, helper and judge.