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(C) Protection Judge: Dieter Schmale (SV)

Dieter Schmale became an SV (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde) Judge in 1988, and has officiated at numerous German Regional Championships, FCI Qualification Trials, as well as serving as tracking judge at the 2004 Bundessiegerprüfung (German National Championships). He also served as judge at Regional events and the WDA Nationals in the United States.


As a competitor, Dieter had the most success with his female Cora vom Märchenwald, becoming four-time Regional Champion, three-time FCI Regional Champion, and placing 2nd in German FCI Qualification Trials in Gotha, 8th place in Borken, and 11th place in Warstein. Dieter and Cora also competed and placed 7th at the 2001 Bundessiegerprüfung in Göttingen.


An accomplished trainer, he has helped numerous dogs successfully compete at German National Service Dog, Schutzhund, and World Championships. He was a Teaching Helper for 10 years in the region of Westfalen, and served as trial decoy in many major events, including the SV Sieger Show and the 1988 World Championship in Münster.


Dieter resides in Nordhorn, Germany and has been a member of the SV since 1974.