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Show Judge: Wilhelm Nordsieck (SV)

1973:  against the will of my parents I bought myself a shepherd puppy for the first time (Gany vom Fiemereck)

1983: admission to the SV

1989: First litter under own kennel name: vom Externstein

1990: V 22 GHKl   males  ‚Siegerschau’ in Frankfurt:   Boss vom Externstein

2000 (October): appointment to be a judge of the SV

very good acceptance with lots of shows in Germany (also Landesgruppen - Zuchtschauen)

of the judges in Germany one with the most appointments every year.

2003 (July): Norwegian  Siegerschau  VA1 Sharan vom Externstein (Hoss v. Lärchenhain Cuna v. Externstein)

2005 (July): Dutch  Siegerschau  Junghundsiegerin

Callas vom Externstein (Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park Gabi von Schloß Weitmar)

2010 (Sept): German Siegerschau V17 Veron vom Externstein (Negus vom Holtkämper See - Anabella von Lancelot)

2013 (Sept): German Siegerschau V23 Ghana vom Externstein (Vegas vom Externstein – Nina vom Holtkämper Tor)

2015 (Sept): German Siegerschau V 19 Ghana vom Externstein,

SG 2 JKL Females Prada von Externstein ( Risco vom Süntelstein –  Ghana vom Externstein )

2003 (Oct): 1. commitment as judge in foreign countries (Belgium), after that other appointments:

Taiwan Siegerschau 2005, Mexiko, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Philippine, Hongkong, Ecuador, Indonesia, St. Petersburg (Russia),  15 x USA, Chile Siegerschau, Minsk (Belarus), Romania, Spain, China, Peru, South Korea, Bulgaria Siegerschau, GB British Siegerschau, Slowakia Siegerschau, Litauen Siegerschau, Danmark, Netherland Siegerschau, Ireland, Poland Siegerschau, India Siegerschau, Estonia Siegerschau 2015, Russian Siegerschau Moscow 2014,  Belgium Siegerschau 2015, Portugal, Canada Siegerschau 2013, USA Siegerschau 2014, Siegerschau Germany 2015, Brasil. Finnland etc.


• In the meantime, more than ninety litters bred • “Körmeister” since September 2006

• Landesgruppenzuchtwart LG 07



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Looking for a handler? Able to handle a dog in the show? Let us know and we will post here so you can find what you need!

Handler Available

I am an experienced show handler available to handle entries in most classes at the upcoming show.  Interested owners can contact me via email.


Thank you,


Dianne Herold

I am available to handle .

At the moment I'm booked for a long hair working male and a stock coat working male . Email





I'm an experienced handler, handled in all classes in multiple club, regional and sieger shows... References available... I'm available to handle any puppy classes on Saturday.  Full on Sunday.





Looking for a handler

Working Class Male


Mike Bock


Dogs name is: V5 Nick Gabriel vom Mittelwest

Thank you

Working Class Female (Stock Coat)


Looking for 4 handlers


Contact Ash Nadar

I have a young female GSD that I would like to show at the National. She will be 12 months.


  I am looking for a handler - I live in Montreal.





I have a young female German Shepherd that I would like to show during the Canadian GSD Championship Trial in August 2017.  She will be 20 months old.


I am looking for a Handler - I live in Terrebonne near Montréal.